Featured Author: Andre' Renee

Chapter Books:

     " The Seven Facts You Should Know Before Starting Your Business"

This is a informative book that covers in detail the facts of starting a business. There's a wealth of information to learn about starting a business and this book will cover whats needed from lessons learned from education, mistakes etc. "A smart man will learn from his mistakes and the mistakes of others!"

       "Seven"  This book has seven stories that will take your imagination to far away places, as well as inspire.

      "Why I believe," This book is a spiritual work of art, it will keep readers glued to the pages as they follow the main character, on an inspirational and spiritual journey. No matter your faith this book is for all.

        "Inspirational Cafe,' " This is a book of poetry and motivational quotes, this is a book you can take with you wherever you go. It's pack with poems and quotes that's useful for any daily situations as well as entertaining.

        "My Colorful Online Dating Experiences," There are many dating websites for the choosing and I had my day on a few. This book will allow you a peek into internet dating experiences. It will surely keep your attention, as you laugh and sigh at times. It's the reality of today's world of busy individuals who's time is limited. Join me as I reveal my colorful times on dating websites.


        "Lives Taken a Road To Redemption," This is a suspenseful thriller, in this book actions have consequences, that can follow you for a life time. Reading this book you will have a wide range of emotions.