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"Teach Me How to Play,"is a book that shows how children from different parts of the world learn how to play with one another using love and respect.  A few points learned in this book are diversity, conflict resolution and sharing.

"I'm Special Too," this book deals with overcoming disappointment and acceptance. This book truly shows how kids are taught understanding and how to love one's self as well as other's.

"The Baby is Coming," This is the last of a trilogy, in this book children learn about how to accept the coming of a sibling in a joyful setting.

"Bullies Don't scare me" This book is a entertaining book that deals with bullying and how to peacefully stop it. This book should be in all homes!

"My Freckle's Make Me Pretty" This is a book the covers issues of self Image.

"The Monster In Uniform," This is book that help when a love one has passed on. 

"Spiritually Spoken" This is a first of many CD's . These poetry tracks have music in the background, the poems comes from the book "Inspirational Cafe" which will be released this winter. Enjoy the 14 tracks that flow from ebony urban, spiritual and love poems. Enjoy.

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​​            As a writer of children's books, I believe teaching children early to get along with one another is paramount to life, peace and growth. In my series of children's books, the goal is to do just that. Our future generation is the most important focus of my life.

My purpose is to channel all the positive energy I can into my writings.

I strongly believe that children are never too young to be exposed to a variety of cultures. Humanity will depend on us.

As caretakers of young minds, we must do our due diligence when educating them.

We are tasked with cultivating a new generation, so that they will be afforded social provisions to take humanity to greater heights.

            Education is the fertile ground needed to plant our children. Nurturing children through literature brings wonder and amazement to their lives.

As they grow, it becomes more apparent how vital it is to forge strong alliances, among all people across all nations and beliefs.

Our Children's books are entertaining, but most importantly they promote the five core competencies of (S.E.L.) social emotional learning.